1. Taking far too long!

    Some bits are finished, some half done and still plenty to go..

  2. Work in progress! A2 watercolor painting.


  3. Had an interview to change course today. Showed nice fella my art work. He asked if I’d traced it. I was very proud to be able to say “no, I did it all freehand”. 


  4. It’d be nice if I could actually sell one of the prints I got made instead of me wasting my money.
    I’d have thought, with the amount of interest my iguana piece got, that all those “wow, this is so cool!”s would translate into at least some people buying something, either one of those prints or something on society6.
    I wanted this to turn into a living but I don’t know how any more. I don’t know how to get more people to see my work and buy it. And I don’t wanna just keep spamming with links to my etsy and society6. Honestly, selling my art in the way I’ve wanted to make a living for so long and it’s so frustrating and disheartening to see all the effort I’m putting in get me nowhere again.
    Of course I’m gonna carry on though because it’s all I’m good at.

  5. mrskennykawaii:

    Prints available now at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/EmiliesArt

    Images (C) Emilie Grant


  6. Once again I’m sorry for lack of updates. But, after tomorrow, I have two weeks off so I’ll be able to concentrate on making more art and after that I’m back for a week-ish but then I have all summer to make art.

    I have done a couple pieces recently but they’re not good enough to upload. I’ll be better once I’m not stressed out with uni.



  7. bloodberryandblazers asked: What is it about nature that makes you want to produce so much art of it? =)

    I just really enjoy drawing animals! =)

  8. Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica)


    (C) Emilie Grant


  9. Work in progress!

  10. My prints arrived yesterday!

    10x8” prints on glossy paper.

    5 of each design available at £10 each!