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  2. WIP!

  3. Had a wander up the road with mum today to do the Big Butterfly Count! (Didn’t get many pictures at all though as we didn’t want to trample the wildflowers!)

    We saw 9 Large Whites (they were everywhere!), 5 Small Whites, 3 Meadow Brown, and one each of Small Copper, Gatekeeper, Red Admiral and Comma.

    Images (C) Emilie Grant

  4. imthesatelliteandyourethesky:

    Steampunk shoot with Sam and Nathan! - Part one 

    (Part two)

    (C) Emilie Grant

  5. imthesatelliteandyourethesky:

    Steampunk shoot with Sam and Nathan! - Part two

    (Part one)

    (C) Emilie Grant

  6. Pictures from my wonderful Red Panda experience at Chester Zoo on Sunday July 13th.

    (C) Emilie Grant

  7. princessemikitty:

    I took this picture last night in Liverpool, it was 9pm and we had a wander up to Albert Dock as I wanted to take some pictures of the sunset. 

    This is my favourite picture that I have ever taken. It’s so beautiful and I am so happy that I got to see such a stunning natural event on a perfect evening in an incredible city with the most amazing person in the world.

    (C) Emilie Grant

    (Source: imthesatelliteandyourethesky)

  8. African Spotted Eagle Owl (Bubo africanus)


    (C) Emilie Grant


  9. Next WIP… Can you guess what it is?


  10. princessemikitty:

    They’ll look great in your scrapbook or on your handmade cards!

    (Source: imthesatelliteandyourethesky)