1. imthesatelliteandyourethesky:

    Drawing some lovely shire horses! #wip #horses

  2. Rockhopper Penguin  (Eudyptes chrysocome) 

    (C) Emilie Grant


  3. imthesatelliteandyourethesky:

    Quick sketch… I’m calling the style ‘impressionist’…

    Just doodling my boyfriend while waiting for class to start..

  4. imthesatelliteandyourethesky:

    So this just happened…. I won a photography competition! :D

    There were tons of entries, people walking around with DSLRs with massive lenses… And I won with my little Bridge.

    I am SO proud of myself!!!!!

  5. zentangle:

    Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis)

    Ink, A4

    (C) Emilie Grant



  6. bbatv:


    Velociraptor mongoliensis

    (C) Emilie Grant


    Really talented artist I found today :)

    Oh thank you so much!

  7. Velociraptor mongoliensis

    (C) Emilie Grant


  8. Just posting this in light of the scientific discovery that Spinosaurus aegyptiacus was indeed semi-aquatic.

    I drew this in 2013 and the idea was ‘what if it was a swimmer?’ Turns out I was right!

    (C) Emilie Grant 

  9. imthesatelliteandyourethesky:

    #wip #Velociraptor


  10. If any of my followers have art blogs/society6, send me the url and I’ll give you a follow!